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What’s In Our Environment Is In Our Bodies

Have you ever thought about that the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat all enter your body, and possibly stay there for a long time? Did you know that our fat cells hold on to toxins and store them until those cells get destroyed via autophagy?

What in the world is autophagy? I’m glad you asked. It’s a cellular recycling process. In autophagy, cells get broken down and the salvageable parts get reused in the making of new cells. Our body makes about 240g of protein every day, yet we may only consume approximately 70g of protein per day. The difference is made up with these recycled parts. Our body is constantly recycling, but it can be sped up with fasting. If we are not consuming the building blocks our body needs, then it has to find them in house.

This recycling program has been shown to be beneficial in breaking down damaged cells. By cleaning house, our system will work better. The other side effect of cleaning house is that as these cells get broken down, any toxins that may have been stuck in those cells can now get excreted. We get rid of pollutants and help in slowing down our aging process.

Sound like something that may be beneficial to you? How do you get started?

Fasting can be a scary word because it can be an extreme step to take for most of us. Instead, start small. Start by spacing out your meals and limiting your snacks. Try to wait at least three hours between meals and drink plenty of water. If you need a snack, then eat one, but start to notice your eating patterns. The timing of our eating has the ability to be more influential on our health than what we’re eating.

Giving our body time to digest meals and recycle some nutrients will also allow time for environmental toxins to get flushed away. Ultimately, we want an efficient, clean system that will help us age gracefully.

For more tips, you can book a call with Jessie and keep your health moving in the right direction.

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