Stop the Inflammation!

In the past few days, I have had three people on my mind.  These three people are in the prime of their lives, yet between the three of them, they have seven diagnosed diseases. You wouldn’t guess that by looking at them.  They all are active, have a normal body weight, are holding down jobs and relationships, and usually always have a smile on their faces when I see them.

Now why would these three people, at such young ages and seemingly healthy, present with these diseases?  Why do we keep hearing this same story over and over? And why are they being diagnosed with more than one disease?   

The interesting thing about the seven diagnosed diseases between these three people is that all seven are a type of inflammatory disease.  We know from my last article and Rand Corporation that once you get diagnosed with one chronic condition, you are more likely to get diagnosed with more. Seems unfair, doesn’t it. But if you look at it as your body sending out signals that it is out of balance, then the additional diagnoses make sense.

In Ayurveda, the goal is to have a balanced, body, mind, and soul.  When things get out of balance, our body sends us signals.  If we ignore or override those signals, then it sends out more signals.  We can cover up these signals or symptoms with prescriptions or surgery, but if we don’t fix the cause, these or similar signals will resurface again.

Don’t blame yourself if this has happened to you.  This is how our society works.  We go about our lives and if we experience a symptom, we put a band-aid on it and continue our normal routines.

What if it’s our normal routines that are the issue?  What if following the social norms is why so many people are receiving these untimely diagnoses?  What if we changed our daily routines to include more sleep, less stress, more social time, less social media time, listening to our intuition more and the TV less? What if we learned when to eat our biggest meal and when to just drink water? There are so many little shifts we can make that will not completely upend our routines, but help us to start shifting away from a stress driven culture, decrease inflammation throughout our entire bodies, and decrease the plethora of diagnosed diseases that are becoming all too common.

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