5 Small Habits

Stay True to Yourself

Peer pressure, advertisements, subliminal messaging, … are these in line with what you need? There are so many great developments in the world, that sometimes, it’s nice when an advertisement displays exactly what you desire. However, it’s easy to forget what you need and get caught up in what others think you should acquire.

Set Up Your Routine

One way that we can get off track is if we don’t have a set routine as our default. If you have a pattern each day of triggers and behaviors that get you your priorities, then it’s easier to stay true to yourself.

Think about your day. Do you have a morning routine that nourishes your body, mind, and soul? Do you move your body each day or eat healthy food? What is your pattern in the evening?

Finding your routine may take some planning and experimentation. Start with one or two simple tasks that you want to incorporate into your life regularly. Put them on your schedule and maybe set a reminder. Work on these couple items until they become an automatic habit. Then gradually build your routine until you’ve included everything your heart desires. At this point, you’ll probably get some new ideas and have to reorganize your day, again.

Constantly Changing

Just when you think you’ve got the perfect routine for yourself, life will challenge you. There’s always a trip, holiday, or unexpected event. These alterations will challenge your routine. You may have to go with the flow and switch it up a little, but you can still keep your basic structure. This is where it is important to have already established a routine. This will allow you to fulfill your own needs easier than giving in to others suggestions.

A daily routine is the backbone of the course I teach. We establish healthy habits and how you fit them into your busy life. When you are busy raising your kids, working, and trying to take care of your own health, the time can disappear quickly. That’s why you may need help planning the best routine for your body type.

You probably already have a few healthy habits in place. That is great foundation and we can build on these patterns. We want a routine that nourishes the entire you, inside and out, top to bottom. We want your body, mind and soul all working together in harmony. We want our lives to run smoothly, and the best way we can do this is with a well-designed daily routine.

Let’s make the most efficient plan for you. Put your precious energy where it will produce the most benefit for your life. Why waste another day wondering, start today. The moment you sign-up, you will have full access to my online course. You can work through the modules at your own pace while also joining our live, bi-weekly meetings. We are all at different steps in our journey as we teach and learn from each other. We are a community who wants to enjoy our life with our family and make the most out of every day. Join us!

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