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Slow Down by Learning Meditation

I know it’s hard, but isn’t it nice to slow down? Why do we need vacations? Vacations are wonderful, but you can also take a mini-vacation every day in the comfort of your own home. I’m not talking about zoning out to Netflix, but actually take a break from all stimulation by learning how to meditate.

Call it meditation, mindfulness or sitting in silence, but the concept is the same. Find a quiet place, take a seat or even lie down, and focus only on your breathing. You may want to repeat a mantra if you need something to focus on. When your mind starts to wander, observe that it has wandered, and bring your focus back to your breathing. As you catch your mind wandering, do not feel the need to fix anything, just let it be. Don’t judge yourself for this wandering, we all do it. Start with a realistic amount of time, such as two or five minutes. As you continue your practice, the length of time you meditate may increase gradually.

As with any habit that gives us benefit over time, the key is consistency. Consistency is more important that how long you sit there. A few minutes every day can fit into your schedule without much interruption. Pick a time of day, it may be first thing in the morning or maybe before you go to bed at night. Put it on your calendar. You may even want to set a reminder on your phone to help you get in the routine. Feel free to try a meditation app such as Headspace or Calm. Empower yourself with some tools to use when you get started. Try a few minutes every day and see how you feel. Create balance in your life and experience the benefits of slowing down.

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