Meal spacing

Meal Spacing

Snacks, snacks, snacks. Snacks are everywhere. I feel like snacks were something special when I was a kid, not an assumption. Now, you’re the bad mom if you don’t always have snacks on hand. I guess I’m a bad mom. I’m the mean mom who makes my kids wait 30 minutes while I make a meal instead of giving them the instant gratification of a snack. Why? Because I’m a monster who likes to see my kids cry. NO! Just the opposite. I want to give my kids and myself the ability to control our blood sugar spikes by tapping into our stored energy. By consistently providing snacks in-between meals, our blood sugar stays high. When our blood sugar drops, that is when we get hangry if we are not accustomed to feeling our hunger and allowing ourselves to be okay with the sensation of hunger. Yes, hunger is uncomfortable, but so are some things in our lives. Realizing that a moment of hunger is not going to kill you strengthens your resilience in other parts of your life also. We are strong individuals and our bodies are smart. By allowing our digestion to take a break from always being busy, we may realize that this concept can be applied to our busy lives. Slow down, take a breath, and trust the emptiness you are feeling is just creating room for something more wonderful to come along. When you can appreciate the emptiness, the feast will be that much more rewarding.

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