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Impossible Dream

When did we stop dreaming big?  When did paying the bills get more attention than playing in the hills?  We start our lives with grand ideas and the energy to make them happen, and then they disappear.  Did someone tell us it was impossible? Grow-up. Get a real job. Now, where are we?  Is there something missing?  A part of you maybe.  Now that we’ve learned, worked, and payed the bills, I think it’s time to go play in the hills again. 



Kaizen is a term that was coined during WWII when factory workers needed to make improvements, so they did 1% at a time. Making small, continuous improvements over time is Kaizen.  This is how we get back to the hills.  Start making tiny little changes to get you to that bigger goal. Everyone’s bills and hills look different and so is the path between the two. However, we can all make small changes that we work towards every day. If you really want to play in those hills again, I know you can make it happen. Click here to find out how.

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