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I began working with Jessie in September, 2021 and signed up for the year-long challenge, because I was feeling extremely anxious and needed to relax.  I have learned many new habits from our weekly sessions and private consultations. For example, I am now eating lighter earlier dinners and my sleep at night is more restful; I have more energy and time to enjoy my evenings.  Eating larger protein meals at lunchtime gives me the energy I need to accomplish my afternoon tasks with more focus and a more positive attitude, instead of the afternoon slump I used to feel.  I am learning about natural body rhythms and being in sync with them, which is helping me achieve higher levels of achievement through meditation, exercise, and eating a plant based diet.  Jessica’s expertise is providing me just what I need and more.  This is a new way of thinking for me and I appreciate the support from Jessie and our group.  The principles I am learning about self care are changing my life from my old unproductive unhealthy habits.  I am forming healthy habits now that not only are affecting my life, but it is also making a positive difference in my family’s life.  I wish I had learned about Ayurvedic principles a long time ago.  It is so practical, nurturing and healing.  Every parent should teach this to their children.
Gratefully,  Dee