Embrace the Cold

Embrace the Cold

Winter is coming. Do you get excited about scraping the ice off your windshield or walking through a bitter wind? My guess is no. Why not? Maybe it’s time to change your frame of mind? Yes, we all enjoy getting cozy by the fire, but would we enjoy it as much if we didn’t also endure the opposite cold?  Would the holiday lights look as beautiful and welcoming if they were not against a background of frozen, unforgiving mountains? We need the opposites to create an overall balance. By embracing the uncomfortable setting, we increase our resilience. As our resilience increases, we can take on more without it pushing us over the edge. Can a cold shower in the middle of winter give you the capacity to listen to screaming kids without the noise causing your bucket to overflow? Next time you find yourself in an uncomfortable setting, embrace the challenge. Take a deep breath, and realize that you are training yourself to focus on the more important things without the little distractions derailing you.

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