The life you desire

Do You Have The Life You Desire?

Do you think you “have it all”?  What does that mean to you? I had an event to attend this past weekend where everyone in the group was encouraged to participate, but one of the leaders chose to attend her daughter’s lacrosse tournament instead. I probably would have attended my daughter’s tournament also if I was in her shoes. Is that what it means to “have it all”?

Does “having it all” mean you have the fancy car, big house, important job, designer clothes and a nanny?  Or does “having it all” mean we have the freedom to choose? It seems that material items are what our culture puts on a pedestal, but is that what we really want? How often do advertisers, social media, or even newscasters tell us what we want? It’s so easy just to fall in line and not think. If what we really want it not the cultural norm, that who are we to want something different?

Yes, it can be scary to put ourselves out there, possibly standing alone, but what is the cost if we don’t? What if we want to breath clean air instead of burning more fossil fuels? Maybe we want clean food and water instead of spraying weeds? Maybe we want to have less stress and anxiety instead of being fearful to listen to the news each morning?

A quote by Ertharin Cousin says Let us be the crazy ones, the ambitious ones, the ones who see beyond the limits of today.

What are our daily choices leading us towards? Choose to grow some of your own food. Choose to move your body whichever way feels good to you. Choose to go to bed earlier than your kids. Choose to listen to your intuition. Choose to open up space in your schedule and your mind for your heart to lead the way.

If you need help finding a daily routine that gives you freedom to be yourself, then join us at Healthy Connections.

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