What does community mean to you? I thought community meant people that supported each other through the good times and bad? However, what happens when those bad times tear a community apart? It’s sad for one thing. How do we mend the broken ties? Is that even realistic? I feel like our world is divided right now and people are being really mean to those whom they used to be close. Is there hope to reunite? I sure hope so.

Where do we start to heal? I don’t know the answer, but it’s probably something small. As I teach in my health coaching course, we start with 1% improvements. I named my course Healthy Connections because I wanted people to connect healthy habits to their lives, but I also wanted it to cross into developing healthy relationships. Never did I think that the relationship aspect of life would be so challenging.

These past months have been very sad as I’ve had to reevaluate relations with friends, family, and school. None of those are small and they weigh very heavily on my heart. Am I in the wrong and everyone else is right? Is everyone else wrong and I am right? Probably a mix of both, but does it matter? I have every right to think and feel what is right for me. Just because I make a choice that is different than yours, doesn’t mean that you have to bully me about it. We all have the right to make our own decisions. Right or wrong, it’s our choice.

Let’s move past this hatred towards others who have a different opinion. Start small. Do something nice for someone tomorrow. It doesn’t have to be big. Reach out and make a human connection. You will bring joy into their day and your own. Care for someone else tomorrow.

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