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Attraction to Water

Think about water. Whether you’re drinking it, listening to it, or immersed in it, it usually is soothing. Water is a big part of us


Stop and Smell the Fall Leaves

How often do you stop and take in the nature around you? This morning, I was driving to work when nature was more obvious than

5 Small Habits

Stay True to Yourself

Peer pressure, advertisements, subliminal messaging, … are these in line with what you need? There are so many great developments in the world, that sometimes,


You’re Not The Only One

I remember when I was new to motherhood, how I felt isolated at home. I needed to connect with other moms and know that I

Avocado toast

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Your day is directly influenced by your breakfast, for better or worse. I think most of us have the best of intentions, when we wake

When do you eat?

Are You Metabolically Flexible?

When do you eat during the day? How flexible are you? No, I’m not talking about your physical flexibility… I’m talking about how your body

Taking risks

Taking Risks

I read an article yesterday about a friend and the risks that he’s taken in his life. The level of risk taking is different for

Slow down

Slow Down by Learning Meditation

I know it’s hard, but isn’t it nice to slow down? Why do we need vacations? Vacations are wonderful, but you can also take a