Attraction to Water

Think about water. Whether you’re drinking it, listening to it, or immersed in it, it usually is soothing. Water is a big part of us and a big part of our world. We need water for all the cycles of life, all across the globe. We not only need water to sprout and support life, but also for decay and composting to support the cycle of life to begin again.

Water provides physical support and an energetic frequency that aligns us to our potential. The qualities of water are heavy and grounding. Water also flows. Water is cooling and cleansing. Water is beautiful in all it’s states. Water can conduct electricity and it can put out a fire. If you stop and pay attention to all of its qualities, water is quite amazing and unique.

Water in your Constitution

In Ayurveda, there are two constitutions that are represented with the element, water. Kapha is a mix of water and earth, and Pitta is a combination of water and fire. We each have a dominant constitution with its particular elements, but all five elements are present in each of us to some degree.

A Kapha person with a lot of water in their constitution will be someone who goes with the flow. They may feel a little more squishy or watery if you feel their skin. Which would be the opposite of a Vata with dry, thin skin. A Kapha may be able to change directions easier than others.

The water in Pitta is to help contain their fire element. Without the water, fire may build in excess and create burnout, ulcers, inflammation, or overuse injuries. We need balance in our lives, and Pitta’s show us this importance.

Without Water

Can you imagine a world without water? It is a vital resource that we can’t take for granted. How many things are around you right now that are made of or depend on water. Right now, I see snow falling, plants that need water, I am drinking tea because I need water, our food contains water, the animals drink water, we use water for cleaning and moisturizing, and the water keeps our world from drying out and burning up.

I would like to give gratitude for water. However, you believe that water came onto this earth, it is pretty incredible how this valuable resource flows freely around our planet and creates so much good. As water cycles and recycles through our bodies and around the earth, it always remains as two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. If we can learn one lesson from water, maybe we can realize that we don’t always have to make things so complicated. Sometimes, simple can be amazing.

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