Jessie Aufderheide

Jessie Aufderheide

I remember standing at the bus stop when I was a kid. As we waited for the school bus to arrive, I would watch the different ways that the other kids would stand and move. I was trying to figure out which of their methods was the correct way to stand. Should the knees be locked or bent? I’ve always been searching for the best way to be in our bodies. This search has led me to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Northern Arizona University.

From there I started my career as a Personal Trainer in 2000. I love designing a set of exercises the way an interior designer would design a room. Each one is unique and suited to their needs. My passion for helping our bodies to work optimally grows every day, and was amplified when I got married and we had two kids. Now, my mission has even more meaning because I want to be in my kid’s lives for a very long time.

Enter…Ayurvedic Health Coaching. I started this business because Ayurveda has taught me some simple health tips that have been forgotten over the generations, and I would like to bring them back into our everyday lives. I want to bring back some basic self-care. I want people to remember that our bodies and our intuition are wise. I want us to trust ourselves, believe in our choices. We all deserve to regain some control and allow ourselves a moment of peace every day.


Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Northern Arizona University | Certified Personal Trainer with National Strength and Conditioning Association | Certified Medical Exercise Specialist with American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehab Professionals | Volunteer for Therapeutic Riding Association, Wilson, WY | Volunteer Ski Patroller for Snow King Ski Area, Jackson, WY | Certified US Cycling Coach | Certified Ayurvedic Health Coach


Hobbies: Mountain biking, all types of skiing, gardening, playing with my kids, husband, dog and cat, cooking healthy food, experimenting with essential oils, making lip balm for loved ones, and always learning.

“Jessie’s non-judgmental approach made it comfortable to express positive and challenging experiences. She listened well and offered supportive suggestions that made a difference.” — Ann

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